Chapter 30 - Waste Management


Chapter 30 Outline
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Chapter 30 PowerPoint
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E-Waste Assignment
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Tuesday's Class Lecture

Pelagic Sea Birds
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Albatross Necropsy

Garbage Island (only watch if not sensitive about language; ask parent permission)


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum

Cell Phone Life Cycle

Bottle Bill

Californians Against Waste

How Stuff Works: Landfills

BP Recycling

EPA: Waste

Composting - Reuse, Recycle

Composting: City of Glendale (+ 2009 workshop schedule)

Company Profile: Clorox Green Works Recycling Information

Nike: Reuse-A-Shoe (get involved…)

Where to Recycle Motor Oil

Where to recycle your old medication

Recycle you old car air filters

Hazardous Waste

More Advanced (for those of you who want to know more)
A comparison of plastics and plankton in the North Pacific gyre (December 2001)

Plastics in the Sea and Lakes (more advanced: lots and lots of information)


The Story of Stuff

Our Synthetic Seas [length: 20 minutes]

Recycled Denim Insulation!

Delta Energy - could it be possible

Entech: 2 videos; Rubber Rock and Tire Recycling

Tires to powder

Material Recovery Center

Puente Hills Landfill

Just for fun

17 ways to Recycle

Bye-bye Tire

How Its Made: Aluminum Cans

Cats taking baths